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We know that bringing cash into your life, increasing cash in your pocket and sustaining cash is your NUMBER 1 PRIORITY because after you have the cash you have FREEDOM!! And now we are making it happen!
If you are you committed to getting more cash, having more cash and keeping more cash in your pocket then this is your opportunity right now!
You're reading this because you are someone with a purpose and you find deep satisfaction in making a difference. You're resilient but probably tired with a growing sense that something is holding you back from having what you REALLY want and the CASH IN YOUR LIFE to make it possible!
Hi, I'm Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command and I want you to have the most up-to-date information on what is possible for your cash rich life to arrive. The good news is that we'll reveal to you how it is all ready hard-wired right within your own biology.

The frustration of the past is that you have not been given the right information to access that power that is yours - until now.

I want to share what happened to me that perhaps some of you can relate to - a moment in my life when I was completely down and out - about to lose my home with no income coming in and massive debt. In that moment something amazing happened...

I discovered how to access a super portion of our intelligence that made a drastic change in my circumstances almost magically.

Now I am making this information available - the six-steps and One Command that stops negativity and limited thoughts in a moment and creates what you want instead in such a powerful yet easy way - you see results immediately.

As a matter of fact by applying The One Command technique I discovered I reversed my debt to zero and have generated over ONE and a HALF MILLION dollars in revenue.

This is what I want to share with you. How I did it and how you can too!

Have You Heard about The One Command?
Some of you may not have heard about The One Command, yet but you'll be excited when you do! Here I am with my friend Jack Canfield - you know The Chicken Soup for the Soul guy and his copy of The One Command book.

And... Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain and seen in the movie, What The Bleep Do You Think You Know says,

"You'll find an opportunity to create something new - in new ways in your brain and your biology in Asara Lovejoy's teaching in, The One Command. I've enjoyed her compassion and caring and true dedication to helping people make positive change in their lives. I encourage you to discover what she has to offer."

AND... Dr. Joe Vitale from the Secret says, "Asara Lovejoy and her 6-step One Command process is a new voice worth listening to. Her enormous dedication to helping others see their potential in new ways is inspiring. I highly recommend Asara and her work."

And James Malinchak, featured on ABC's Secret Millionaire and co-author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul and Big Money says, about Asara Lovejoy and The One Command!

"It is exciting when a new idea comes into the human potential field. I've spent time with Asara Lovejoy and her One Command process and highly recommend her simple yet powerful, The One Command process for making real change in your thinking."

Here is Why The One Command Works!
      First, it is so new and cutting edge you have never heard anything like this information before. It can turn your life right around in moments and make it possible for you to have a completely new relationship with cash - a new rich relationship with plenty of it showing up in your life in new and different ways!
      You discover in The One Command and The Emotions of Money the application of Dr. Joe Dispenza's and other's scientific principles of biology and neurobiology in making dramatic change at the cellular and subconscious levels in six-easy steps and by One Command. This process empowers you with the ability to change anything and everything within you at will - your ability to solve problems, reduce and eliminate stress, improve joy and confidence, restore health, and make changes within your DNA itself for a new relationship with cash.

This ability of The One Command® is so profound that those applying the simple process are getting results that some call miraculous:unexpected money showing up, reversal of devastating financial loss, restoration of love in relationships, and turning health hardships, into health vibrancy to mention a few.

You see you don't have to go anywhere to realize your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires - you only have to become aware of your power - the power of change that is designed right in your biology and your DNA. You have an amazing brain and physical body that is your vessel for change. Change that can propel you into success - that can destruct your limitations - even under hardships such as what we are facing in the world right now - and it can be yours by learning what Asara Lovejoy discovered and shares in her One Command Practitioner system based on her best selling book, The One Command - that there is a power within you so great that is yours!

What others have only promised, this new information accomplishes, that is, to literally create new synaptic brain pathways to establish unlimited cash and wealth behaviors; rich, wealthy and successful ones for your business, and your personal life.

Take advantage of the opportunity and join us on the next great adventure of your life - your joyful increase in cash, financial success and emotional well-being.

In our super COMMANDING CASH and The Emotions of Money program you are going to experience the most potent portion of your intelligence - your theta brain wave. And you'll do it in moments - not hours of mediation or hypno sync sounds - just a simple eye roll technique that has been practiced for thousands of years to consciously make a state change from one level of your consciousness to another.

You'll learn easy access to the most potent portion of your brain that solves problems, creates new experiences, implements new emotions and relationships that are happier, brighter, more successful then any thing you create every day worrying and fretting.

In fact you go into your theta mind every night in your REM (rapid eye movement) level of sleep. And what do you do while there - you solve problems - release old emotions and fears and wake up with brand new ideas.

You see, when you are in your theta brain wave that is where all your subconscious programs live and you do get to have that direct conversation telling your subconscious mind what you want instead of what you've got and it listens!

You discover the knowledge of wealth masters through the ages in their ability to begin with an idea and implement a dream from inception to manifestation. In addition, you learn the secret wealth formula that increases your Financial Flow, adds to your bank account, and naturally reduces your debt.

What others have to say - the Results are 'Great!
The One Command® produces amazing results. Lloyd Steven Sieden, author Buckminster Fuller's Universe (Basic Books, 2000)The One Command® produces amazing results. I attended the Commanding Wealth Free Preview where we applied The One Command® for a brief couple minutes, and I was astounded by the result that occurred the following day.

I have had an IRS judgment for $15,000 plus accrued interest hanging over my head for about 1 1/2 years. Even though my accountant assured me that it was their mistake and that the process would probably take two years, it constantly bothered me.

We had a preliminary meeting with the IRS people scheduled, and the morning after the Preview my accountant called me to report that he had all the paperwork completed and calculated that instead of me owing $15,000 to the IRS the IRS would owe me a $500 refund. I am now excited about applying The One Command® to all aspects of my life, including more financial dealings.

Aeron Goldheart CEO Global Developer and Distributor of Tesla Energy Lights

"At first it was hard to believe that The One Command was actually increasing my income and my business. After a continuous increase in cash - paying off $45,00.00 in debt and making more than $90,000 in income, I now believe! And it can work for you too."

And as a follow up this last year I tripled my income again.
Thanks, Asara

How can I have true financial freedom, follow my dreams and really enjoy my life?

Kathryn Perry co-founder of Commanding Cash and The Emotions of Money answers the age-old question we all ask ourselves.

I know that many of you have practiced the Law of Attraction, read The Secret, have done and / or are now currently saying affirmations - have visions boards and money journals and they are helping you somewhat.

But the repetitive programs that keep you cycling in the same loop with the same results in your finances - have not essentially changed.

And here is why.
The core beliefs about your money and your money habits such as your spending patterns - your ability to keep money and have it grow wisely - or the struggle to reduce your debts and keep from making new or more debts are all held deep within your subconscious mind. Now if you did know how to have a conversation directly with your subconscious to re-direct it to get into harmony with your ideal plans and dreams, then you all ready would have.

By connecting to the powerful place of that greater self within you and shifting your neurology and biology in 6-easy steps with The One Command you'll change everything within you - change your ability to solve problems, reduce and eliminate stress, improve joy and confidence, restore health, improve your income and all of this within your subconscious mind and your DNA itself..

There is an answer and you can discover how.....

When you attend you...
Stop your negative money programs - increase your positive money programs and do it all within you in YOUR OWN SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that it is a permanent and lasting change with lasting RESULTS!

We are going to clear, cleanse, strike out, end forever, and simply crush what holds you back in generating cash, cash, cash, cash and more cash!

"How can I have true financial freedom, follow my dreams and really enjoy my life?"

Are you ready to change forever the way you think and feel about your cash? If so then join us on this fabulous excursion of discovering the power you have at your fingertips right within you and see the cash rich results!

We look forward to seeing you there,
Asara and Kathryn

P.S. I often say that The One Command is the next great adventure of your life. The adventure that shows you the true power of who you are and the ability you have to self-actualize your potential. Now that is a fun way to live. I look forward to our continuing relationship on the adventure. and
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